The Top 5 Expat High Return Investments

"Unlocking the potential of High Return Investments is crucial for today's savvy investors, especially expats with a global perspective. Diving deep into the world of High Return Investments, this article sheds light on the multitude of opportunities available, striking a balance between lucrative returns and risk assessment. This guide provides invaluable insights into maximizing your financial growth through High Return Investments."

Key Takeaways

  1. Expat Advantage in High Return Investments: Expats possess a unique global perspective, allowing them to identify and capitalize on diverse High Return Investments opportunities across various economies. Their experience abroad positions them to better understand and leverage foreign investments for maximized returns.
  2. Balancing Returns and Safety: While the allure of High Return Investments is undeniable, it’s essential to evaluate the associated risks. Not every high-yielding opportunity ensures safety. Proper research, diversification strategies, and understanding market volatility are crucial to navigate the investment landscape efficiently.
  3. Tax Implications on High Return Investments for Expats: Earning from High Return Investments is just one part of the equation. Expats find themselves in a wonderfully unique position where they are free from capital gains and inheritance tax if you structure your investments correctly.
High Return Investments

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The Expat’s Quest for Wealth with High Return Investments

High return investments are risky by nature. It’s not just a simple case of finding something that pays a higher return putting your money in and “Hey Presto” ten years later you are rich. The world doesn’t work like this.

The world may work like this for you if you are lucky, but for every lucky investor, there is an unlucky one.

The money has to come from somewhere, and every business in the world isn’t successful. If you are trading investments, you are taking money off other investors as they are losing it to you, and vice versa.

Introduction: High Return Investments For Expats

Expats are a large, unique group of individuals who, having lived and worked in different countries, often find themselves with an accumulated wealth they wish to invest.

Some invest wisely, some are reckless, some get so lucky and some are not.

Where should you place your hard-earned money, are High Return Investments the golden ticket and how do we find them?

As an expat financial advisor, it’s crucial to let my clients know the risks they need to take into consideration and the unique circumstances they face if they want to amplify their wealth by using high return investments.

The global economy’s dynamics and varying financial markets mean that an expat needs the right investment strategies to maximize their returns.

When it comes to High Return Investments Opportunities and Safe High Return Investments, there’s a lot to consider and often guidance is needed.

Lets have a look at Hampton Bridges Top 5 Investments. for 2023

Top 5 High Return Investments

  1. Real estate in emerging markets
  2. Renewable energy projects
  3. Tech Startups
  4. Hedge Funds & Futures Trading
  5. Cryptocurrency

Real Estate in Emerging Markets

A lot of people have made a lot of money in the real estate world.

People like Alan Zeman have made Billions in Hong Kong owning huge swathes of the Lan Kwai Fong district as incredibly rich business people can only afford to live in shoebox-sized apartments in Central Hong Kong as prices continue to spiral out of control.

There is a lot to consider when investing in overseas real estate and I would advise you to read our blog article on Investing in Overseas Real Estate: An Expat Investor’s Guide.

We’ve seen a lot of investors in South East Asia, Europe and all over the world, make a lot of money and lose a lot of money. Picking the right location and working with thhe right partner on the ground is of paramount importance in order to gain a high yield and good capital appreciation.

If you pick wisely and research the market from historical data and future projections, taking into account, market stability, local economy, immigration into the area, business investment and so on, then this could be the winning investment in your portfolio.

Be careful when investing in overseas real estate as there are a lot of crooks selling property that doesn’t exist or isn’t theirs to sell. Property developers raising money for high return investments in real estate projects that are simply unachievable, don’t have the necessary funding in place or they do not have the knowledge to deliver on what they promise, are common occurrences.

Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy has to be the future!

We are destroying the planet by the day and the cost to repair the planet is far more expensive than investing in curing the problem before it happens.

Unfortunately, governments around the world are yet to pick up on the fact that it is more expensive to clean up from floods and wildfires than invest in the future and start preventing them from happening. So take up the mantle yourself and invest privately in the sector and profit from creating a better planet.

Like Real Estate in Emerging Markets, this is one of the high return investments that Hampton Bridge can get fully behind and we encourage everyone to invest in this sector.

Please contact us if you would like to explore this opportunity and we will happily point you towards some good investments in this sector

Check out iShares Global Clean Energy ETF ICLN with $3.14B in assets

Tech Startups

This is the industry that can boom or bust overnight, literally!!!

Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, WeChat, Nvidia, are the true behemoths of the tech startups world that are truly high return investments. But for every one of them that succeeds, 100 of them fail as they bleed billions of dollars by the day.

The tech world is the fastest-moving industry in the world. Twenty years ago we didn’t have faceBook and our mobile phones could only call and text. Now you can start a war, run a country or rig an election over FB on your smartphone. But which is the next company to invest in?

In the 80s Sony was king and Apple was just a tiny alternative computer brand, how times have changed.

Nobody knows who will be the next true pioneers of the tech world but by investing in an ETF or Mutual Fund that tracks this market, you can own your very own little slice of the market.

Hedge Funds & Futures Trading

This is where it gets Uber complicated as we enter the complex world of algorithm investment trading.

Most companies in this sector have secret codes that incredibly smart traders and mathematicians work to on a daily basis in order to garner non-market-driven gains.

High return investments like Hedge Funds don’t care if the market goes up or down they just need the market to move in any direction as they’ve hedged their bets on all possible outcomes.

At the most exotic end of this exotic space is a fund called Numerai: “Numerai is an AI-run, crowd-sourced hedge fund based in San Francisco. It was founded by South African technologist Richard Craib in October 2015.”

This is cutting-edge and as exciting as it gets as the tech world collides with the hedge fund market and the investment universe.

Hampton Bridge are lucky enough to be able to help our clients access the hedge fund mega giant Millenium Fund run by industry titan Izzy Englander. This fund has a 34-year track record and somewhere in the region of $60 billion under management.

This fund has been closed to new money being invested in it due to it running at capacity, but Hampton Bridge can help you invest in a pre-owned slice of this fund through our partner in New York.


In our opinion, Cryptocurrency is a global economic experiment based on belief and faith in an investment or asset that has no underlying value or no hardcore statistical evidence that the world actually needs a digital currency.

Currently, Cryptocurrency is now trying to become the new “Digital Gold”, the same rule applies.

Cryptocurrency is currently the globe’s ultimate punt in the high return investments world. It’s that risky the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission won’t regulate it or allow it to be put onto the stock market.

Currently, my advice as of October 2023 is buy Bitcoin at $25,000 sell it at $30,000 and repeat. However, saying this, my real advice would be to stay well away from Cryptocurrency unless you know what you are doing and invest in businesses with strength and potential and long-term future.

Crypto is an unknown quantity fraught with risk, but the gains are potentially enormous.

Understanding High Return Investments

Definition and Appeal

At its core, high return investments can offer the potential for higher profits compared to traditional investment products. The allure? Growing your wealth at an accelerated rate faster than everyone else.

But remember, with high returns come high risks. The key is balancing the two, especially in unfamiliar territory.

High Return Investments Opportunities & Strategies

2023 offers investors a myriad of opportunities, from cryptocurrency ventures to real estate in emerging markets. Venturing into these is not an easy journey for the amateur investor.

Investment Strategies for High Returns often involve diversification, regular market analysis, and staying up to date with global financial news. If you invest in Crypto you need to set alarms and check prices every hour of every day, it’s a full-time job in itself.

The key is to find high return investments that don’t need constant attention and where a manager is in place to do all of that for you unless you are willing to commit full-time to this venture.

Real estate can be put in the bracket of passive high return investments as it pays an income to you as you watch the property gain in value, but properties need management so again you will have to employ someone or commit your own time.

How to Find High Return Investments

In the digital age of 2023, there are countless tools and platforms to aid in your investment journey. Research is crucial and professional knowledge is critical.

If this is a journey that you are going to take on your own then you need to put a lot of time and effort in. Beware of the tutors and business experts on youtube, FB and Instagram. Everyone has an opinion they are trying to sell you.

Remember, every high return opportunity might not be the right fit for your portfolio, and always remember diversification with a broad range of investments covering all asset classes is your key to success.

Are High Return Investments Safe?

Safety and risk varies and can also be a personal opinion.

There are two factors to consider when posed with the question: Are high return investments safe?

First – Volatility. Can you handle your investment going up and down in value by 20% over night.

Second – Failure. Can you stomach waking up in the morning and finding out your money has gone and you will never get any of it back.

Cryptocurrency is the perfect example of this. Nobody knows whether Crypto will be here tomorrow, next week, month, year, decade. While no investment is entirely risk-free, Crypto stands out far ahead of most investments when it comes to risk, similar to something like….. Lithium mining in Greenland.

Every investment carries risk, but certain options offer a safety net. Look for a long track record if possible, a large amount of assets under management and what are the underlying assets are crucial factors. Diversifying your portfolio is the most important rule of investment, this will help safeguard your capital.

The line between high returns and high risks is often blurred. Answering the question, Are high return investments safe?

Best High Return Investments 2023

This year, renewable energy projects and technology startups seem to be what everyone is talking about in 2023. Being socially responsible while accumulating wealth? It’s a win-win.

Try not to take a short-term outlook though, investment takes years or decades, not weeks or months.

Tax Implications of High Return Investments

It’s not just about the returns, tax implications can significantly affect your earnings.

Fortunately, Expats find themselves in a very advantageous position when it comes to tax as many of the tax implications that we have back home cease to exist when we live overseas.

This doesn’t mean that we are 100% out of the tax system. Consulting with a tax expert familiar with ex-pat financial matters is crucial.

Every expat investor must consider the Tax implications of high return investments. Different countries have different tax regulations.

  • Understanding double taxation treaties
  • Being aware of tax-free investment options in your host country
  • Regularly consulting with a tax professional or financial advisor

High Return Investments: Conclusion

In conclusion, as an expat seeking High Return Investments, aligning your choices with your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and financial goals is crucial.

Leveraging the expertise of a financial advisor can further enhance your investment journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top 5 high return investments?

This can vary by year and market conditions, what is good today might not be tomorrow.

How do I evaluate the safety of an investment?

Look at its history, and market trends, and consult with financial experts.

Are all high return investments high risk?

Generally, higher returns come with higher risks, but with proper diversification and strategy, you can manage and mitigate these risks.

How can expats manage tax implications of their investments?

By consulting with tax professionals familiar with international tax laws and implications for expats.

Do passive investments offer high returns?

Passive investments, like index funds, can offer substantial returns over time, especially if they are tracking high-growth sectors or markets.

What are High Return Short Term Investments?

Crypto seems to fit this space very well. You have the potential to make a 25% gain over a calendar month.

Where can I find High Yield Investment Options?

Property or real estate projects can produce a high yield for investors, but be careful where and who you invest with.

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