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Invest your money with confidence during these uncertain times. Our experienced advisors can help you to start saving for your future with no downside risk.

Unlimited growth with downside protection

Protecting ourselves against the unexpected is always a good idea. Capital guaranteed savings accounts are the perfect solution for an investor who wants to save for their financial goals without risk.

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Principal Protected

Structured notes from highly rated financial institutions provide 100% principal protection

No Downside Risk

100% participation in the upside of the S&P500 or MSCI EAFE stock market indices

Flexibile Options

Save from just $200 per month for 10, 15 or 20 years

Invest in the world's biggest companies

With our capital guaranteed savings accounts you can choose between investing in the S&P500 or MSCI EAFE.


The S&P500 is an index of the 500 largest publicly traded stocks in America. The index is made up of household names and provides excellent diversification and stability for an investor.

Since it’s inception in 1926, the average annual return of the S&P500 Index has been over 9% p.a. 


The MSCI Europe, Australasia and Far East (EAFE) index covers 900 large and mid-cap companies across 21 different countries. It is designed to offer investors the performance of developed markets excluding the US and Canada.

Over the past ten years the average annual return of the MSCI EAFE has been over 5% p.a. 

S&P500 Top 10 Holdings

MSCI EAFE Top 10 Holdings

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