Monthly Savings Plan: Are 8% Returns Possible?

Unlock the power of a Monthly Savings Plan. Seek guidance from a seasoned expat financial advisor to navigate savings options and harness the true potential of compound interest

Key Takeaways


  • Professional financial guidance, especially from an expat financial advisor, can be crucial in navigating the complex world of choosing the right monthly savings plan..
  • Flexibility in savings plans can be both beneficial for adapting to changing circumstances, but excessive flexibility may disrupt compound growth. The power of compound interest cannot be understated, as emphasized by Albert Einstein.
  • The regular savings calculator is a valuable tool for projecting future savings and allowing for adjustments to my monthly savings plan.
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Have you ever wondered about the secret sauce to financial stability? Is it a Monthly Savings Plan?

Saving consistently is the key to wealth accumulation” Warren Buffet

Let’s Find the Best Monthly Savings Plan

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A Monthly Savings Plan comes in many shapes and sizes. The best plans for savings take into account your personal financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. A Monthly Savings Plan is designed to help you achieve your financial objectives, whether that’s sending your child to university or retiring comfortably.

Living as an expat brings its own set of challenges and opportunities, investment and savings doesn’t have to be one of them!

The realm of offshore investing is vast, offering numerous savings options, investment plans, and tools, but navigating it requires expertise.

When considering a monthly saving plan, it’s vital to differentiate between offshore and domestic options.

For expats living abroad, offshore plans often present unique advantages that domestic plans might not offer.

Offshore plans can provide access to global markets, potentially favorable tax treatments, and a myriad of diverse savings investment plans.

Offshore vs. Domestic

  • Domestic Savings Plans: Rooted within one’s country of residence, domestic savings options offer familiarity. They operate within known regulatory frameworks and are generally perceived as low-risk.
  • Offshore Savings Plans: Venturing outside one’s country, an offshore savings and investing plan can offer potential tax advantages, diversification and access to international markets.

By investing in an offshore monthly savings plan, you’re not limiting yourself to a particular market or region.

You’re diversifying your portfolio, reducing risk, and potentially enhancing your returns.

The Spectrum of Savings Options

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From high-yield savings accounts to investment-backed saving portfolios, the range of savings options is vast.

Each offers its own set of unique benefits, interest rates, and potential risks.

When deciding which is right for you, consider your financial goals, time frame, risk tolerance, and how involved you want to be with your investments.

The Power of Commitment

There is no “silver bullet” or “magic investment”, the success of your investment must first lie with the investor to commit themselves every month to saving an agreed amount and then maintaining continuity.

Once this has been established then we can start shopping around for the best options.

Best Plans for Saving: Why Dedicated Savings Matters

Here we will look at 3 different types of investments you may or may not be familiar with. Please contact us if any of these investments apply to you.

Generali, Skandia, RL360, Frinds Provident: A Case Study

All of these investment providers are a popular choice among expats, especially expat advisors!

These plans have a very large fund range to choose from and each of them has more than enough high-quality funds in order for your money to grow and have been the staple of the old offshore world.

However, they’re notorious for their high fees which are very difficult to understand and are presented in a complicated way that makes them look affordable.

My advice would be to only commit yourself to the minimum investment period, usually, this is five years. Invest a sizeable amount in order to take advantage of the “allocation bonus”.

The more you invest, the bigger the bonus.

This way the plan will work well for you and will build you a sizeable pot of money that you can invest into something more complex like a Personalised Portfolio Bond.

Investors Trust S&P 500 Capital Guaranteed Account

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On the flip side, the Investors Trust S&P 500 Capital Guaranteed Account is a beacon of transparency and simplicity.

It not only provides a safety net with its capital guarantee but also boasts impressive growth potential.

It’s widely regarded as one of the best plans for savings, especially for those wanting to safeguard their principal amount while enjoying market-linked growth.

What investors like most about this plan is that you can overpay the contributions which can buy you future flexibility. If you stay one year ahead of your payments, then this will allow you a fulll year of zero contributions in case the unexpected happens.

The S&P 500 plan tracks the 500 largest companies listed through the American Stock Exchange. Companies live Chevron, Apple, Amazon & Microsoft. The S&P 500 has grown at an average of 10% a year since its conception in 1957 and currently, there is over $33 Trillion invested here.

A graph charting the history of the growth of the S&P 500 Stock Market Index

Ardan International: Your Flexible Friend

Ardan International stands out as a wealth platform offering a vast range of assets and investments. Their platform facilitates easier management of international financial portfolios, giving investors the freedom to choose their preferred assets.

Their main draw? Attractively low fees. However, there’s a caveat: they don’t promote or require a consistent saving habit.

Without the commitment to save regularly, many individuals fail to hit their targets, focusing too much on flexibility instead of the more significant picture of reaching your goals.

If you are 100% diligent and can trust yourself to invest every month, then Ardan is an excellent choice if you want complete flexibility from your investment platform. But, going back to Warren Buffets earlier point: “Saving consistently is the key to wealth accumulation”

Making the Most of Your Savings: Expert Tips

  1. Start early to leverage the power of compound interest.
  2. Automate your savings.
  3. Review and adjust your plan annually.
  4. Diversify your savings and investments.
  5. Understand the potential of a monthly savings plan

The Magic of a Regular Savings Calculator

The regular savings calculator isn’t just a fancy tool; it’s your roadmap to financial success. By inputting your financial details, you can project your future savings and adjust your plan accordingly. A good advisor should be doing this in his regular reviews with you

The Role of a Financial Advisor

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As an expat financial advisor, I can’t stress enough the value of professional guidance. We are here to guide you through the maze of choosing the right monthly savings plan, helping you choose the plan that aligns with your goals.

Make sure you don’t lose focus on the end goal!

How Flexibility in Savings Plans Affects Investments

Flexibility can be both an asset and a pitfall. While it allows for adaptability in changing financial circumstances, excessive flexibility might lead to erratic contributions, affecting the compound growth of savings. Furthermore, consistent contributions can provide a sense of financial discipline and security.

Albert Einstein once said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it


A Monthly saving plan offers a structured approach to building wealth over time. By understanding the spectrum of options available, the benefits of regular contributions, and the features of the best plans, you can make an informed decision and secure your financial future.

With the right knowledge, tools, and guidance, you can harness the power of offshore investing, ensuring your hard-earned money grows, no matter where you are.


  1. What is the main advantage of an offshore monthly savings plan for expats?
    • Offshore plans often offer better tax treatments, access to global markets, and diverse investment options tailored for expats.
  2. How do high fees impact my monthly savings plan in the long run?
    • High fees can erode your potential returns, especially when compounded over time.
  3. Why is commitment essential in a monthly savings plan?
    • Commitment ensures consistency, which is vital for meeting long-term financial goals.
  4. How does the regular savings calculator help my monthly savings plan?
    • It provides a projection of your future savings based on your current financial habits, helping you make informed decisions.
  5. Why should I consider the advice of a financial advisor when choosing a monthly savings plan?
    • Financial advisors have the expertise to guide you through various savings options, ensuring you choose the best fit for your goals.

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